Our ability to enrich the educational experience of underserved children while strengthening school programming through Jazz House Kids, Inc. are only limited by our financial means. To that end, JHK thanks the following donors for their generous support:

The ASCAP Foundation
Elizabeth and Barets O. Benjamin Charitable Foundation
The Dana Foundation
EJ Grassmann Trust
The Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation
The Hyde & Watson Foundation
The Juilliard Foundation
Lillian P. Schenck Fund
The Montclair Foundation
Montclair Fund for Women
Montclair State University Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts
Newark Arts Council
New Jersey State Council on the Arts
New Jersey State Cultural Trust
The Prudential Foundation
Rivendell Foundation
Schumann Fund of New Jersey
Silver Family Foundation
TD Charitable Foundation
Turrell Fund
Victoria Foundation
Capital Management Corp.
Cool Wind Ventilation Corp.
Genova Burns Giantomasi & Webster
Kensington Apartments
Manhattan Mechanical Contractors Inc.
North Coast Brewing Co.
Panasonic Corporation of North America
Prudential Financial
RS Berkeley Instruments
Summit Financial Resources
TD Bank
Wells Fargo Private Bank
Whole Foods Market
Fodera Guitars
Gibson Entertainment Services
Howl at the Moon
Jazz at Lincoln Center
The Juilliard Jazz School
Manhattan School of Music
Montclair State University
New Jersey Performing Arts Center
RS Berkeley Instruments
The Salvation Army Montclair Citadel
Sharron Millerís Academy for the Performing Arts
Janet Shapiro and Phillip Byrd (Lead Sponsors)
Ronald Baldwin
Helene F. Blue
Kathy and Jerry Cohen
Jeffrey Friedman
Gallagher Family Legacy Fund
Margaret S. Grotte
Dee Baily and Jon Heiner
Judith Klotz
In Memory of Nathan Klotz and Rosetta Goodkind Klotz
Nancy LaPelle
William and Stephanie Lenchinsky
Robert Paretti
Donna Quante
Lisa Santo
Gary Selnow
Polly Campbell and Neil Sharrow
The Silver Family Foundation
Juanita Thompson
Roz and Richard Wactlar
Ruth Mitchell and Byron Walker
Valerie and Thomas Wolzien
Anthony Vagnoni and Nancy Woods
Karen McLaughlin
Robert and Starr Baum
Rose and John J. Cali Lead Sponsors
Carolyn Liebling
Bobbie and Eddie Rosenblatt
Roseann and Alan Shaiman
Rose and John J. Cali
Susan and Chris Gifford
Adam R. Rose and Peter R. McQuillan
Janet Shapiro and Phillip Byrd
Deborah and Jason DeSalvo
Emily Segal and Andrew Ellis
Leslie and Eugenia Naamon
Bobbi Brown and Steven Plofker
Roseann and Alan Shaiman
Holly English and Fred Smagorinsky
Beth Siegel and Scott Weiner
Roberta and Neil Baldwin
Santa and Duane Hughes
Rosemary and Al Iversen
Margarethe and Mark Laurenzi
Carolyn Mitchell
Mindy Cohen and David Bershad
Erika and Tim Brown
Patricia and Michael Bubb
Milvia and Steve Burns
Joanna and Miguel Castro
Mary and Tom Creaser
Kelly and David Ferguson
Lynn Buschmann and Brian Fielding
James Gallagher
Elaine and Anthony La Russa
S. Epatha Merkerson
Mary Kay and John Strangfeld
Jeanne Walker and Donna Wilson
Laura and Fred Weiner
Judy and Josh Weston
Ondine Landa-Abramson and Seth Abramson
Renee Al-Sarraf Brown and Michael Brown
Lauren and Fred Calenda
Angela Cali
Alicia and Brant Cali
Christopher and Rebecca Cannon
Julie Micou and Monty Cerf
Susann Sweetser Connors and James Connors
Louise and Ernest DeSalvo
Melissa and David Deutsch
Susan and Tom Dunn
Maxine Roach and Gina Elliott
Rebecca and Mitchell Gold
Bruce and Lynn Heckman
Elizabeth and Daryl Libow
Judy and Marty Malloy
Vicki Marani
Joanne T. Marren
Terri Pontremoli
Marcia Marley and Peter Rappaport
Susan and Howard Silver
Carolina and Wayne Shorter
Deborah Klatskin and Burt Sutker
Sharon and Chris Sevrens
Rhonda and Robert Silver
Ebony and Corwin Thomas
Amy Knapp and Myron Walden
Ruth Mitchell and Byron Walker
Margo and Frank Walter
Richard Wolff
Anne Ackerman and Robert Wernick
Angela and Nathaniel Adderley
Kerstin Larsen and Vincent Alfieri
Richard Bease
Patricia Bell
Jeanne and Richard Besser
Valerie Block and Alexis Romay
Lynette and Paul Brubaker
Brenda and Kenneth Buffaloe
Donna Nobile and Richard Carlisle
Suzzane Douglas and Jonathan Cobb
Jeanne Fox and Stephan De Micco
Margaret Murphy and Gregg Deehan
Christine Larsen and Vincent Dopulos
Carolyn Dorfman
Mary and Michael Dudasik
Nancy and Mark Felix
Peg Rosen and Paul Freundlich
Morton Goldfein
Patricia and Ivan Held
Wendy Hoskins
Brown Johnson
Lisa Korn and Tony Castrigno
Peter Lasser
Iris Lee
James Leitner
Judie Rinearson and Nick Lewis
Georgeanne and George Limbach
Irina and Paul May
Helen and Thanassis Mazarakis
Sharon McGahee
Shelley Sherer and Mark Miller
Kim Montserrat
Mara Novak and Jim Price
Hillary and John Reimnitz
Cynthia Rice
Ofira and Sandor Bondorowsky
Beth and Doug Sasfai
Patricia and Joshua Stiles
Taryn Shelton and Daniel Warshawsky
Juanita and Kenneth Thompson
George Wein
Amy Weiss
Valerie and Thomas Wolzien
Pia and Mark Abate
Richard Abrams
Jorge Aguirre
Mary-Paula and Chris Allegaert
William Arrighi and Sam Joseph
Ronald Baldwin
Paul Bartich
Councilwoman Renee Baskerville
Corey Bay
Gail Belsky and Julian Knight
Michelle Bender and Roberto Posada
Risa and Sol Bernstein
Grace-Ann and Blake
Helene Blue
Laila Almeida and Peter Bolo
Sara and Jonathan Bonesteel
Linda and Bobby Bowers
Cyrstal and Christooph Broussard
Maria Perez-Brown and Keith Brown
Patty and John Brown-Christenson
Brandon Bryant
Caryl and Stephen Bryant
Charles Butts and Brenda Williams-Butts
Gil and Idalene Chapman
Amanda Chodor
Leslie Hardin and John Christmann
Holly Hunter Christavo and Joseph Hunter
Kathy and Jerry Cohen
Marla and George Cohen
Ellen and Andrew Cutting
Lynn and Justin DeSalvo
Mariana Diaz-Wionczek
Kathy Dockery
Marie and James Donnelly
Marilyn and Michael Dore
Roslyn Edgerton
Patrice English-Young
Arden and Alan Epstein
Christine and Dan Fabrizio
Avril and Patrick Fagan
Christine and Gerard Farias
Laura and Edward Farrell
Anthony Feil
Debra Goldman and Matthew Fields
Cathy and Conrad Fink
Lynn Egan and Paul Fishman
Ellen and Thomas Cutting
The Honorable Nia Gill
Nancy Klein and Steve Grande
Margaret Grotte
Shelia Guiton
Leonard Haim
Janis C. Hammonds
Cindy and Harry Handler
Fred Harrison
Dee Baily and Jon Heiner
Barbara and John Werner
Santa and Duane Hughes
Richard Insley and Ann Rae
Katherine Freed Jennings
James Johnson
Judy and Richard Miller
Tracy Katchen and Steve Waehler
Nancy and Rob Kautz
Chelese King
Lisa Schweitzer and David Kingsnorth
Judith Klotz
Polly and Matthew Krupnick
Meredith and Jon Ladov
Hilary Lane and Doug Apicella
Alicia and Michael Lapides
Candace Goldstein and Elliott Lee
Charles Liebling
Janice and Mark Linaugh
Wendy Livingston
Abby London-Crawford
Kerry and Bill MacIntosh
Lee Margolies and Kenneth Maiman
Jeanne and Robert Marani
Carolyn and Mark Mason
David Mathus
Celeste May
William May
Melissa Walker and Christian McBride
Kathleen and Sylvester McClearn
Jacqueline McMullen
Paul Metaxatos
Suzanne and Norman Metz
Catherine Mitchell
David Morris
Leslie Motiwalla
Mr. and Mrs. Rothenberg
Gargi Mukherjee
Kathleen Murray
Edwin Naamon
Linda Hughes and Steven Napolitano
Maria Nerahoo
Carol Newman
Nancy Northup
Alice Novello
Liz Riday and Yves Obadia
Ellen Obstlr
Orlin and Michelle Oroschakoff
Robert Paretti
Sarah Pellet
Patricia and Tom Perlmutter
Alison Perlo
Carol Smith Petro
Marcelle Pilloton
Anne and O.J. Plescia
David Powell
Donna Quante
Naomi Rand and David Fitzgerald
Donna and Michael Ratliff
Kathleen and Robert Reid
Danna and Anderson Reynolds
Amy Rosen and Tim Carden
Sarah Rosen
Todd Ruback
The Honorable Robert Russo
Elissa Sanders and Alan Stepansky
Vivana and Louis Santiago
Bill and Shereen Sayre
Carole Schaffer and David Waggett
Gary Selnow
Bryna Linett and Peter Shapiro
Judy and Michael Skurnik
Taigi Smith
Linda and Brian Sterling
Jeannie and Rick Stillman
Darshell and Jerel Stone
Jeff Sutherland
Gary and Faith Taylor
Louis and Debra Terlizzi
Alan Trembulak
Terry Trigg-Scales
Genevieve Urs
Rosalyn and Richard Wactlar
Janet and Joseph Walentiny
Retia Walker
Geri Allen and Wallace Roney
Margo and Frank Walter
Helene and Bill Webb
Michaelle and Harry Weinger
Karen Jones and Peter Wenger
Kate Zernike
Ana and Adam Zyto
Anne Marie Nolan & Bob Adler
John Anderson
Regina Bann
LexisNexis Matthew Bender
Thomas Bongiorno
Robert Pini & Michael Boudrou
John Brandstetter
Lois M. Bright
Gloria Brown
Lisa & Ken Brown
Mary-Paula and Chris Allegaert
Mitchell Atlas
Gail Belsky
Jeanne & Rich Besser
Sarah and Shane Bornstein
John Carlton
Denise Castetter
Barbara and Edward Chestnut
Marla & George Cohen
Ellen Cutting
Leslie Sanders Dashefksy
Vicki Debaets
Jack & Lydia DeJonette
Kathleen Dermody
Alan Doktor
Joanne and Roger Dolden
Vincent Dopulos & Christine Larsen
Richard & Caroline Eaddy
Hillel Ephros
Nina & Bill Falconer
Laura and Edward Farrell
Deborah Feingold
Kelly & David Ferguson
Teri L. Festa
Jack & Wendy Finn
Jei Florez & Maria Freittas
Fred Lockert & Laura Freedgood
Paul & Peg Freundlich
Bob & Rebecca Frezza
John J. Giblin Association
Thomas P. Giglin
Ilene Fishman & Carry Goldberg
Harlene Golden in Honor of Michael Scott Golden
Dorothy Gordon
Ramona Houston & Terreon Gully
Doug Hall & Iris Schaffer-Hall
Dr. Bjorn Hanson
Donald & Jacqueline Hart
Patricia Berry & Mitch Heisler
Patricia & Ivan Held
Tracy Herrick
Sharon & Hank Hersch
Charles Healy & Sandra Hoyer
Traci Jackson
Amy Waldman - Jaffee
Cassandra James
JD Associates
Dave & Tammy Jones
Genesia and Steven Kamen
David Kingsworth
Jacklyn Kling
Kristen Landon
John G. Lee
Jong and Timothy Lee
Tom & Gill Lipuma
Don & Beverly Luck
Kerry and Bill Macintosh
Kathleen M. Mackenzie
Judith & Martin Malloy
Jeanne and Robert Marani
Annette Maskal
Irina and Paul May
Kelly and Joseph McDonald
Jacqueline McMullen
Judy and Richard Miller
Anna M. Mitchell
Ruth Mitchell
Jason & Rebecca Molesworth
Tom Mullarney
Maria Murray
Tracy & Jeff Nelson
Percidia Alice Norris
Alice Novello
Barry Paul
Barbara & Lionel Perlo
Tanya Plutzik
Mara Novak & Jim Price
Sumana & Raghu Rangachar
Kathleen and Robert Reid
Danna Reynolds
Tamima Friedman & Dan Rosenblum
Steven Rubenstein
Natasha & Adam Schlesinger
Charles & Michele Scicolone
Janice Maffei & Mike Shapiro
Khalilah Sharif
Gina Sharpe
David & LuAnn Sholemson
David & Tracy Smith
Chelsea Harrimon & Paul Smith
The Stepansky Family
Albert & Kathleen Szesciuk in memory of Phyllis Zarrow
Roberta Taliercio in memory of Phyllis Zarrow
Terry Trigg-Scales
Gason Tuchman
Ruth Mitchell and Byron Walker
Fred & Laura Weiner
Michelle and Harry Weinger
Richard & Sylvia Weinert
Anne Ackerman and Robert Wernick
John and Roseanna Zoubek
Ana and Adam Zyto
Susan Abraham
Nathaniel Adderly
Roselyn L. Altman in memory of Phyllis Zarrow
Sheila E. Anderson
Mitch & MaryAnn Attas
Jeffrey & Linda Ayes in memory of Phyllis Zarrow
Bob Benno
Valerie Block
Linda & Gerry Blume
Thomasina Brayboy
Walter D. Chambers
Chris & Chrystal Broussard
Stephen L. Bryant
Christina Mayer & Kevin Cooney
Carol Crespi
Catherine Davey
Jeanne Dechert in memory of Phyllis Zarrow
Alexander & Sandra Dehavenon
Amy Dell
Terry B. Doemling
Rebecca Doggett
Mike & Mary Dudasik
Jack Drucker
Bill Drummy
Alexis & Michael Ellison
Alan & Arden Epstein
Pamela S. Erwin
Gina Fioriti
Frederick & Joyce Frei in memory of Phyllis Zarrow
Robert & Jeanette Frei in memory of Phyllis Zarrow
Gerald & Karen Fried
Lukas Fried
David & Judy Gage
Betsy Lembeck & Donald Garber
Christopher Garlin & Regina Mincey-Garlin
Claire Gianella
David & Marilyn Glater
Ray & Ann Goulet in memory of Phyllis Zarro
Ann Gulyas
Patricia Devine-Harms & Steve Harms
Henry & Ethel Henderson in memory of Phyllis Zarrow
Hendricks Music Inc
Alan J. Horowitz
Catherine Hyland
Louise Jackson
Mark S. Johnson
Christina Kline
Beth Kruvant
Laura Baer & Mike Levine
Arthur S. Levy
Abby London-Crawford in honor of Marc Crawford
Leslie Nash
Louise & Ed Mach in memory of Phyllis Zarrow
Janice Maffei
Jeannie M. Marshall
Henry J. Martin
Doris McBride
Joyce McCormick
Peter R. McQuillan
Robert Mellman & Janice BeLove
Alexis & Bruce Menken
Robin Renn & Efrem Meretab
Susan & Tom Parente
Charles Perlo
Naomi Rand
Lee Rambeau
Michael & Kathleen Rinaldo
Adam R. Rose
Dan & Claudia Sayre
David & Susan Schear
Richard Schliebus
Evan & Stephanie Schnittman
Dennis & Debra Scholl
Janet Shapiro
Dawne Weaver & John Sherman
Stephanie Silverman
Abbie & Harvey Snyder
John Sowell
Anthony Sprague & Virginia Gregory
Joseph R. Thomas
Brenda & Don Tobias
Della Torgan in memory of Phyllis Zarrow
Gayle Weibley
Michaelle & Harry Weinger
Steven & Heather Wiederhorn in memory of Phyllis Zarrow
Vornae Wilburn
Richard Windt
Ronna F. Wise
Ronal Wohl in memory of Phyllis Zarrow
Eve Young
Mitchel & Audrey Zarrow in memory of Phyllis Zarrow
Benito Conca
David and Bonnie Cushing
Amy Dell
Gail Barnesse and Alan Firsker
Michele Tomaski and Glenn Eichler
Jacklyn and Roger Kling
Henry J. Martin
Susan Napack and Michael Gendel
Carol Newman
Carole Smith Petro
Katrina and Glen Rogers
Charlotte Schwartz
Dr. Marie T. Smith
Abbie and Harvey Snyder
Artistic Home
Berkeley Instruments
Betsey Johnson/ Allegra Baldwin-Plutzik
BiCoastal Music/Hal Winer
Blue Note Jazz Club
Bob Cohen
Chris Botti
Dan Zanes
Dem Two Hands/Marion Lake
Diane Parsons Designs
Dr. Peter J. Silver
Egan & Sons
Encore Catering/Lisa Epstein
Festival Productions/Darlene Chan
Gabrielle Sanchez Inc/Katie Brennen
Heckman Homen Investments, LLC/Karen Heckman
Herbie Hancock
Hilton Short Hills
Interior Designs/Anita Warrington
Irma Denson Skincare
JD Associates - Michelle Day
Jerry's Artist Outlet
Joshua Redman
Kurt Elling
Laura Johnson/Jazz at Lincoln Center
Lebson's Jewelers/Stuart Lebson
LessonLogs - Noah Keitel
Los Angeles Phil Harmonic
Michelle Day/JD Associates
Minuteman Press
Montclair Paperie
NFL/James Daniel
Pat Metheny
Phil Cantor Photography
Pomegranate Arts
Queen Latifah
Richard Parsons
Ron Blake
Roy Haynes
Santa Barbara Travel Agency/Janet Morton
Sheila Anderson JD Associates
Sofitel Hotel and Resorts in L.A.
The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz Foundation
Trattoria Rustica/Pat Turano
Trumpets Jazz Club
Vanity Hair Salon
Working Mom's Inc.